Your feedback is really important to us as it will let us know who is using the Tricky Topic process and why, and how we might improve it. Please consider one or more of the following in your feedback:

  • Why are you using this Tricky Topics Guide?
    (e.g. your role; the number of students you teach that are relevant to your usage of the TT Guide, their age group/s and subject/s; your aim or purpose in using the TT Guide)
  • How are you using this Tricky Topics Guide?
    (e.g. which parts of the TT Guide did you use – all or just some? Did you use any examples or downloads from this website?)
  • Has it influenced change in teaching and learning practice for you or others?
    (e.g. what has the impact been on your teaching practice/s? On your learners? Or even in your organisation as a whole?)